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My question regards the wording of the 2nd portion of his Leadership ability, Blessed by Ghekre: "Additionally, once per turn, when an allied character makes an attack, if there are 1 or more [wild] results in its attack roll, it may change 1 die result to a [hit]."

Compare that to new modok's leadership, which says "it may change 1 of its dice to a [hit] or a [shield]." Emphasis mine here, to highlight the difference. M'baku doesn't say "change 1 of its dice", just "change 1 die result".

Implication being, this leadership can change an opposing defense die result to a hit, as currently written, allowing it to function like Pierce, except better since it overcomes Martial Artist, and also has the option to change the attacker's die instead.

Is this the intent? If not, can we expect some form of errata to make the language line up with MODOK's?

I'd prefer to keep the super-pierce, as currently worded, but that's just me.

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