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Hi All,

apologies but I can’t find this on the forum and I must have missed it somewhere. New to the game so would be good to know where to look next time. 

Enchantress rolls 3 wilds on her ‘Enthrall’ attack

A) She only takes the Stagger Trigger.

B) she takes all three as she has 1 wild, 2 wild and 3 wild.

c) She can take the Stagger trigger OR she can take the Slow and Stun instead. She spends all 3 wild dice to get one trigger, or she spends one wild for one trigger, then the remaining two wilds for another trigger.

Any help gratefully received.

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49 minutes ago, Negoldar said:

Dice aren’t spent to activate triggered abilities. If the roll contains the required faces, the effect will trigger. 

In this case, Enchantress’s target will be affected by Slow, Stun, and Stagger. 


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