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I was playing a game yesterday with a friend, and ran into some interesting interactions with Flight Leader Ubbel I was hoping we could get some clarification on.  FLU had the following loadout:

Flight Leader Ubbel (5/12):

     Target Assist MGK-300

     Synced Laser Cannons

     Hotshot Gunner

The following situation happened:  FLU was at 7 damage.  My friend shot at him with, say, an X-Wing at initiative 4, dealing the final point of damage to FLU (init 5).  Do the following effects happen?

1)  Since FLU has already activated and shot this turn with the Synced Laser Cannons, can he still make a bonus attack?  My understanding is ships aren't removed from the board until all ships at that initiative have engaged and finished.

2)  If he does get a bonus attack, can he use the SLC?  Or is he forced into using the primary turret?

3)  When FLU shoots with a cannon, does that trigger Hotshot Gunner, potentially stripping a green token from the ship he's shooting at?

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If a ship is destroyed during the Engagement Phase, it is removed after all ships that have the same initiative as the currently engaged ship have engaged (which is called simultaneous fire). In your example, so long as Flight Leader Ubbel has not already performed a bonus attack that round, his ability to perform a bonus attack would trigger in step 6c of the Attack - Resolve any of the defending player’s abilities that trigger after a ship defends or is destroyed that grant a bonus attack.

Flight Leader Ubbel would then perform his bonus attack, choosing to use the Synced Laser Cannons and triggering Hotshot Gunner in the process.

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