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Loose Stabilizer and Koiogan turns

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Question 1: When a ship has the critical damage card "Loose Stabilizer", does it suffer damage when it executes a Koiogran turn?

Question 2: If the answer to question 1 is yes, then does the critical damage card "Damaged Engine" turn Ello Asty (T-70 pilot) Tallon Roll manuver's red? 

Question 3: If the answer to question 2 is yes, does Nien Numb (rebel crew) decrease the difficulty of Segnor's Loops?

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Many movements in X-Wing might share a common template to execute but are distinct separate movement types. EG A Koiogran Turn and Straight Maneuver both use the same template but they are independent movement types with separate movement icon’s and thus when one icon is used in an ability it will not affect the other maneuver type. It is the same for a Tallon Roll and a Turn maneuver and again for a Segnor’s Loop and a Bank maneuver.

As a result this means that
1) If you attempt to do a Koiogran Turn while you have Loose Stabilizer face up you will take a damage as it is a non-straight maneuver.
2) The Damaged Engine face up damage card will have no effect on Ello Asty’s ability as it references Turn maneuvers and Ello’s ability affects Tallon Rolls.
3) Nien Numb does not reduce the difficulty of a Segnor’s Loop as his ability only affects Bank maneuvers.

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