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Combat A.I. Protocols, Tactical Network and Personal Effect Icon: Active Ability

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1. Kalani makes combat action and shoots at Lord Maul, scores 3 hits.
2. Kalani resolves Tactical Network from Personal Effect Icon: Active Ability.
3. MagnaGuard dashes and makes 5-dice attack against Asajj Ventress.
4. Kalani's combat actions ends.
5. B1's Combat A.I. protocols triggers.

Can B1 choose the Asajj Ventress as a target for Combat A.I. protocols ability because it was targeted during Kalani's combat action?

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No, it needs to be one of the characters targeted by an attack that is a result of the combat action.

Although the Magna Guard attack is occurring during Kalani's combat action, the attack is a result of the Tactical Network ability, not the combat action.

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