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Outrider Clarification

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Which Outrider is correct?

There is the newly released black box version, the Errata Version, a Section in the RR saying the text is wrong, The Errata appears to only reference the individual card, but Not the SL cards.

Is the Errata Correct? does that mean it does apply to shots that are obstructed outside of obstacles, eg ships and devices?

Is the RR reference to the old version that was in extended?

What is the correct function of the SL outrider?

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The Outrider title card in the errata document (v1.8.2 at the time of writing) is to align the original Outrider title released with the Rebel Alliance conversion kits with the Outrider title card found in the YT-2400 released in 2023.

The Standard Loadout cards function as written.

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