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Domino’s Probability Matrix vs. Pierce

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Just confused about Domino’s Probability Matrix vs. Pierce

PM “…this character may treat one <skull> as a <crit>…”

Pierce “change one of the defending character’s <crit>, <wild> or <shield> to a blank”

can an attacker use pierce to change one of Domino’s <skulls> to a blank? Assuming Domino has paid for at least one PM.

my reading is no as Domino has used the PM Superpower to treat it as a <crit> (specifically “this character” in the PM text) and the attacker can only modify the three results listed. But I’m not sure  

My understanding is that the text says that only Domino gets to treat the <skull> as a <crit> result. Not the attacker (who can’t modify a <skull> ).

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Sorry to jump on the train, but the phrase “makes them criticals” raises another question for me... Does it mean it’s a modification? Would it be affected by Living Ribbons and Mnemonic Technique, for example? Thanks in advance!

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5 minutes ago, Negoldar said:

It is not modification. Modification effects occur in step 9 of the attack timing. This effect occurs in between steps 7 and 8 of the attack timing. 

Ok thanks for clarifying it I didn’t have it right.

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