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  1. Is there a specific time before your turn ends to play Field Dressing with an already activated character into your last character who has just played all you’ve got? Or as it was your last activation, the character that plays all you’ve got can’t be field dressed by another activated character? I can’t seem to find the right answer...
  2. Would Toad be able to use “slippery” before the attack granted by the flurry trigger?
  3. Sorry to jump on the train, but the phrase “makes them criticals” raises another question for me... Does it mean it’s a modification? Would it be affected by Living Ribbons and Mnemonic Technique, for example? Thanks in advance!
  4. Cool, thanks! I was already doing it, but I wanted official confirmation.
  5. To add another question... can I use Prince of Asgard even if I activate no characters because I decide to pass the turn?
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