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Deathfire Standard Loadout

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We know the normal deathfire can't launch bombs, however what about the SL version? Is it able to launch its proton bombs with its ability? This gives the ship an incredible amount of play space coverage.

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Yes, Deathfire (Obstinate Bombardier or SL) is able to use their ability to Launch a proton bomb using a 3 straight template after executing a 3-5 maneuver. The ability explicitly defines how to launch the bomb (including timing window and which template to use).

This differs from the original Deathfire (Unflinching Diehard) who's ability does not specify how to launch a device but just that a device could be if that was already a valid option. For example, Ion Bomb defines how it can be dropped (eg Using a 1 straight template) but does not define how it can be launched. It requires another overriding ability that explicitly allows a device being dropped to be launched with specified templates (such as Bombardment Drone or Constable Zuvio) for an Ion Bomb (or any other device with details on how to be dropped but not launched) to be launched.

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