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Electro proton bomb and updated bomb overlap rules

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The 2.5 rules state when A Device would be placed underneath more than 1 ships base that Device detonates immediately instead of in the activation phase But if This work to happen to an electro proton bomb that still had a remaining fuse would the bomb detonate immediately or just remove 1 fuse

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Not all devices that can detonate do so in the same way. Some devices, such as Proximity Mines detonate when overlapped, while other devices, such as Electro-Proton Bombs detonate at the end of the Activation Phase.

When a device that would detonate when overlapped has a fuse marker assigned to it, the fuse marker is removed instead and the device does not detonate. Ships that detonate at the end of the Activation Phase do not take into consideration any overlapping ships. 

The complete list of how each device detonates can be found in the Rules Reference in the Appendix section under Bombs and Mines

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