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Life Saver & Quick Draw

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Enemy Thor targets allied Hawkeye with “hammer throw” within range 3 so that Hawkeye can not use the reaction super power “quick draw”. 

Allied ghost spider uses “life saver” reaction which is triggered when Thor targets Hawkeye. Hawkeye is pushed towards ghost spider but is still in range of “hammer throw”(range5) from Thor, but is now outside of range 3. 

Since both “life saver” and “quick draw” are at the same time(when targeted) and both the defender’s reactions, can hawkeye use “quick draw” now that ghost spider pushed him with “life saver” outside of range3 of Thor? 

Or does Hawkeye NOT get to use “quick draw” because he wasn’t outside of 3 initially when targeted? 

I’m thinking, Thor checks range step 2b. Hawkeye’s “quick draw” and ghost spider’s “life saver” check their ranges in 2d. 

thanks in advance 

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