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If Player A plays Agent Kallus' ISB Investigation command card (a two-pip) and his opponent, Player B, plays Chewbacca's Notorious Scoundrels command card (a three-pip), who decides the order of the resolution of the command cards?
For example, let's say Player B has Han Solo's Sorry About the Mess command card in his discard pile, and Player A wants to prevent that card from being played next turn. Is there any way for Player A to have Notorious Scoundrels resolve first (assuming Player B uses it to return Sorry About the Mess to his hand) and then resolve ISB Investigation and choose zero for the pip value?
Does the player with priority have to resolve his command card first or is there a choice? Does Red Player/Blue Player matter in this situation?
Thank you.

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As stated under Resolving Command Card Effects: when command cards effects are "tied" for timing, the Blue Player resolved their effects first. Both ISB Investigation and Notorious Scoundrels occur in the second step of Resolving Command Card Effects, as they are both effects without a specific timing.

Hope this helps,

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