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Multi-Affiliated characters, Affiliations and Squad Building

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Do characters with multiple affiliations  effect affiliations in  squad building?
Myself and my opponents rosters for characters with multiple affiliations ( mine can build choose The Brotherhood, The Cabal)
We are running a 16 Threat Crisis
I declare my squad as The Brotherhood by deploying Toad, Magneto, Red Skull, Sabretooth
my Squad is made up of 

  • 3 Brotherhood
  • 3 Cabal 

does my squad count as Brotherhood affiliated?
My Opponent  has a roster comprising of X-men, Inhuman and A-force characters.

They declare X-men  as their squad afflation deploys Scarlet  Witch , Quicksilver, Storm , Lockjaw and Black Widow. 
this squad has :

  • 3 X-Men,
  • 3 A-Force
  • 2 Inhumans

What is my opponents squad affiliation ? Dose this sqaud count as being the above 50% to use storm's X-men Gold  leadership?

Do Multi-affiliated characters only count as being affiliated with the declared affiliation? e.g.  My squad listed above Sabretooth & Magneto would only count as Brotherhood  (which was declared) and not the Cabal.

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Characters with multiple affiliations may affect your squad affiliation options. 

Your squad contains the following:

Brotherhood of Mutants: 3/4

Cabal: 3/4

X-Force: 1/4

You may opt for this squad to be considered either Brotherhood of Mutants or Cabal affiliated as both affiliations are above 51% of the squad.

Your opponent:

A-Force: 3/5

Avengers: 3/5

Brotherhood of Mutants: 2/5

Defenders: 1/5

Inhumans: 2/5

Uncanny X-Men: 1/5

Wakanda: 1/5

Your opponent may not choose Uncanny X-Men as they consist of 20% of the squad. They may choose either A-Force or Avengers. 

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Just to be clear  squads only care about being over the 51% for afflation's concerning multi-affiliated characters like  Scarlet witch  (A-Force/Avengers)   and not whichever there's more   for example  A Squad of She-hulk, Wasp, Black Widow , Captain Marvel  could be  Either  A-force or Avengers even though all 4 are dual afflation with both the Aforce/Avengers afflation correct?

  1. A-Force: 3/5- Avengers: 3/5 = Avengers or A-force
  2.  5 A-force -5 avengers  = Avengers or A-force
  3. 4 A-force - 5 Avengers.= Avengers
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11 minutes ago, DaveyDave said:
  • A-Force: 3/5- Avengers: 3/5 = Avengers or A-force
  •  5 A-force -5 avengers  = Avengers or A-force
  • 4 A-force - 5 Avengers.= Avengers

All of these possibilities will allow you to declare either Avengers or A-Force.

You can choose to use any affiliation represented by the majority of your squad (51+%).

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