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Timing for drawing a new struggle card

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This has been clarified in today's(Feb 2024) core rulebook update

The turn order steps are now as follows

8. Resolve effects that happen at the end of the Turn.
    A. Resolve player effects starting with the active player.
    B. Resolve non-player effects in the order chosen by the active player.

9. The active player moves the Struggle token one space toward their Momentum tokens for each Active objective they control this Turn. If it is the first Turn of the game, skip this step.

10. If the Unit that just activated has a number of Injury tokens equal to its Durability (W), they are Defeated.

11. If either player won the Struggle, remove all Momentum tokens from the Struggle Tracker, set all Objective tokens to their Inactive side, and remove all Control tokens from the battlefield.
      A. Reset the Struggle Tracker and draw the next Struggle Card.
      B. If there are multiple map options, the player who lost the Struggle chooses one.
      C. Check the chosen map and flip the corresponding Objective tokens to their active side.

12. The active player’s Turn is now over; their opponent becomes the active player and begins their Turn as described in step 1.
       A. If the player who just finished their Turn does not have any cards remaining in their Order Deck or in reserve, they Refresh their Order Deck.

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