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Attack Arc Range Clarification

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Following the above ruling, does that mean while seeing if a ship in in the attack arc, for the front and back arc we use the cardboard of the attacker to the plastic of the defender? But in a case where the side arc is used it's plastic to plastic?

Just wanting to to confirm that 2 different measuring techniques are used depending on what arc we are firing from


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When measuring for attack range within the front and rear arcs it is important that the attackers "closest point" for measuring an attack is within the arc indicators. So when measuring arc you need to make sure you are measuring from a point that is within the desired arc and not just from a point along a similar edge.

In practice this means that you will be measuring attack range for the front and rear arcs from within the boundaries of the cardboard and not the very corner of the plastic as the corners of the plastic are outside the lines that indicate arc.

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