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When timer is called during setup of struggle 3- how do tiebreakers proceed with 'finish the turn'?

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Player 1 finishes their turn and scores enough objectives to win struggle 2. Player 2 previously won struggle 1, so players are 1-1 on struggle cards. Player 1 has dealt more wounds than player 2. The boards reset and struggle 3 mission card is shown and player 2 is deciding which option to choose when time is called. How would the tie breaker be handled?

Rules mention to finish the turn, then see who has most objectives if there still a tie go for wounds.

Does player 2 deciding struggle 3 layout count as the start of their turn? in which case they still choose layout, choosing a layout that best favors them active a unit and take control of an obj and win based off controlling more objectives at the end of the turn? OR does it not count as their turn yet play is ended there with both players having no objectives-controlled and the tiebreaker moves to wounds and player 1 wins.

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On 2/12/2024 at 10:03 AM, jacobsb said:

How would the tie breaker be handled?

When the current turn ends, the game ends. As per the Appendix A timing chart for Taking a Turn, Objective control is checked before setting up the next Struggle then the new Struggle is selected and setup before the current turn ends. This means there will be no objectives currently controlled, so you will immediately move to the second tiebreaker.


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