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Hi there,

As specified in the Transport X: Closed entry, "If a vehicle is in base contact with a piece of terrain or another miniature, a unit being transported by that vehicle is not considered to be in base contact with that piece of terrain or that other miniature."


On 2/21/2024 at 8:53 PM, Task Master Wei said:

When Chewbacca is in a transport, in the easiest case a LAAT/LE, can Yoda "tag along" with Chewbacca when their controlling player played [Size matters sometimes], with Yoda maintaining a base contact with the transport for the round?

No; Yoda is not in base contact with Chewbacca when in base contact with the LAAT/le, and may therefore not choose to be placed in base contact with it if it (and therefore Chewbacca) are at range 1 when the Size Matter Sometimes command card is played.

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