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The tactic is pretty clear for most leaderships but what happens to leaderships that hand out tokens such as the Star-Lord's Winging it Tokens or Killmonger's Herb tokens? Do they stay on the character and if so, can you still spend them for their effect? 

Thanks for any clarification!

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Hi there,

I was wondering about an interaction between trial by combat team tactics card and certain leaderships. If the TTC Trial by combat was played against Starlord and was successful does the team tactics card do nothing? the winging tokens are given out in the power phase, does the cards successful application stop characters with existing tokens from spending them? I imagine this would be similar to Killmonger, Usurpers leadership "Strength of a new generation" which gives out a herb token as well?

I am basing this assumption on the fact tokens given out in the power phase persist after the leaders death and removal from the board. 

Thanks in advance. 

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If I play trial by combat when using Killmonger Usurper's leadership, and I lose, do I remove the herb tokens from any allies that still have them, do they not add dice to attack but still cause damage when removed, or do they remain as is?


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