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In the example below, Vader is in melee with a unit of five minis. However, one mini can't cohere in base contact with Vader and so is placed in legal cohesion behind a piece of LOS blocking terrain such that Vader cannot see him.

Does this mean that as Vader only has LOS to four minis and not five, he can only do a maximum of four wounds?


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Great question! You are correct that the Suffering Wounds and Defeating Miniatures section does leave open the possibility of miniatures placed out of LOS of a melee attacker preventing damage dealt to their unit. This is not the intended effect; miniatures can be defeated by melee attacks even if they are out of LOS of the attacking unit.

When a unit suffers wounds from a ranged attack, if the attacker has LOS to only some of the miniatures in the defending unit, the defending unit cannot suffer wounds greater than the total wound threshold of miniatures that are in LOS.

A change will be made in the next rulebook update to make this clear.


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