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Base contact rule say's:Miniatures cannot move into base contact with miniatures from enemy units unless the unit leader has a melee weapon

Compulsory move rule say's:If it cannot do so, or if a full move would cause any part of the unit leader’s base to be outside the battlefield, it can perform a partial move instead, ending its movement as far along the movement template as possible.


I perform compulsory movement and bump into AT-ST because i cannot overlap bases. I stop into base contact with AT-ST or 0,1 mm before AT-ST?

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Hi there,

A unit without a melee weapon cannot move into base contact with enemy miniatures. They will stop short.

Do note that a unit with a compulsory move must make a move at maximum speed and will only reduce this distance if it cannot do so; if it is able to make a maximum speed move by bending its movement tool away from the intervening ground vehicle, it will do so!

Hope this helps,

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