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Ahsoka Tano Aethersprite ability w/ Hound LAAT

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Is the following scenario possible due to a pilots ability and action  queue:

Ahsoka Tano with patience and CLT, with 2 force points available and in (friendly) Hounds' firing arc flies over a gas cloud, but fully executed the maneuver. She chooses to use fine tuned controls to boost. Can she then spend another force to gain a focus, per her ability? Presumably she could not perform a "normal" action due to her moving through an obstacle.

After her action queue finishes she rolls, and receives a strain token. She passes it to Hound, who has no strain or deplete tokens, and  Ahsoka is in his turret arc. 

At the start of engagement, there is an enemy ship in Ahsokas firing arc, and she uses patience to gain a deplete token to regenerate one force charge. She is still in Hounds firing arc, and sends the deplete token to Hound.

Please let me know if I have the timings and actions available in the correct order. 

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You're mostly there, there's just one slight change. As the effects of overlapping the gas cloud is a game effect it must be resolved first in the Ability Queue.

This is what it should look like:

  • After Ahsoka fully executes a maneuver,  the following enters the ability queue:
    • Resolve effects from overlapping the gas cloud -> Rolls for Strain token
    • Ahsoka receives 1 Strain token
      • Hound has no Strain tokens and transfers this to himself
    • Fine-Tuned Controls: Spend 1 Force to boost
    • Pilot Ability: Spend 1 force to gain 1 Focus token
  • Skip the Perform Action step for overlapping the gas cloud
  • Start of Engagement Phase
    • Enemy ship in Ahsoka's front arc
    • Gains Deplete to recover 1 Force
      • Hound has no Deplete tokens, and transfers this one to him

End result?

Ahsoka with 1 Force 

Hound with 1 Deplete token and 1 Strain token

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