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I'm not 100% if this hasn't been answered already, but how does this interaction work:

Genesis Red Target Locks a stacked up Palob equipped with False Transponder Codes.

I know the Player Order determines which ability triggers first (GenRed or FTC), but what happens if Palob has First Player? Does FTC go off, Jam away the Lock, and then GenRed gets the green tokens anyway? Or does GenRed get nothing because he doesn't have a locked ship?

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No, the lock still happened, it's just gone by the time the ability queue resolves.

Here's the breakdown (assuming 1st player controls Palob Godalhi):

  • Genesis Red (M3-A Interceptor) locks Palob Godalhi (HWK-290 Light Freighter)
    • Both False-Transponder Codes and Genesis Red's pilot ability enter the ability queue
      • False-Transponder Codes resolves first
        • Genesis Red gains a jam token; the Palob player breaks the lock, or removes a green token from Genesis Red.
      • Genesis Red's pilot ability resolves next
        • Genesis Red removes all his focus and evade tokens, but as Palob is no longer locked, does not gain tokens per his pilot ability.
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