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Luminara Unduli and Spending 0

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My question is about the new Luminara Unduli commander for Star Wars Armada. Can you spend 0 defense tokens and trigger her ability?

Her rules text says “While a friendly ship or unique squadron is defending, after the Spend Defense Tokens step, if it spent fewer than 2 defense tokens, it may either ready 1 of its defense tokens it did not spend, or choose another friendly ship at distance 1-5 and ready 1 of that ship's defense tokens.”

Right now the community ruling on this is that “fewer than 2” means that Luminara can trigger when 0 defense tokens are used. In all instances of the rulebook spent refers to something being used.

“Spend Defense Tokens: The defender can spend one or more of its defense tokens.”

“Defense tokens begin the game on their readied side. When a readied defense token is spent, it is flipped to its exhausted side. When an exhausted defense token is spent, it is discarded.”

The time I found where “I spent 0” would be applied a different verbiage is used. “After a ship finishes its activation, if it did not spend its command dial, that dial is discarded.’

Right now Luminara triggers every time a squadron or ship attacks regardless of whether or not the player needed to use something to trigger her ability. 


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