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Is *Sunder* from the Upgrade Card Collection Incorrect?

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*Sunder*, as printed in the Upgrade Card Collection, contains 2 Offensive Retrofit slots listed, and no Ordnance Slot, as opposed to the original printing, which contained 1 Offensive Retrofit slot, and 1 Ordnance slot. 

Is the reprint an errata of the card? Or is the tournament-legal effect of the card unchanged from the original effect?



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Yes, it appears the reprint text is incorrect, as Sunder has not received any errata.

The correct version of this card is the original text found on the original upgrade card, which is the following text.

"Blue or Black Critical: You may discard this card to choose and discard 1 Offensive Retrofit, Defensive Retrofit, Ordnance, Ion Cannons, or Turbolaser upgrade card equipped to the defender."

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