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Epic Play Targetting Battery

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This is probably explained in the FAQ above but I figured Id ask for full clarity and game intent.  The Targetting Battery hardpoint is a range 2-5 attack that allows the attacker to acquire a lock afterwards.  If you shoot at range 4-5 are you still able to acquire a lock?  It seems like this was setup to enable the Turbolaser Battery.

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No, while a huge ship may be able to equip Hardpoint upgrades that enable it to perform attacks up to range 5, acquiring a lock is still restricted to range 0-3 unless a card ability specifically allows it, such as Sensor Experts (Team).

From the Rules Reference:

Q: After performing an attack with Targeting Battery [Hardpoint] against a defender at range 4–5, can the attacker acquire a lock on that defender?
A: If Targeting Battery is the only card at play, no. Targeting Battery does not read "ignoring range restrictions," therefore the ship must obey the normal
range restrictions for acquiring locks. However, there are a number of ways huge ships can circumvent this limitation. The CR-90's Broadside Battery ship ability allows it to acquire locks at range 4, and the Boosted Scanners [Cargo] upgrade allows a ship to spend energy increase the range at which it can lock, letting it acquire the lock from Targeting Battery at range 4 or 5.


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