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Apologies if this has already been covered but if Emon drops Thermal Detonators can he place one using the 3 template? Does the second bomb get placed as normal ie using a 2straight or can he the drop the other using the alternate 3 or even the 2template as per normal.

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Emon's ability is a replacement effect. You may choose the 1 straight drop, and replace it with 3 hard left, 3 straight, or 3 hard right.

Next, if you would like to drop another:

"• When a replacement effect resolves, the replaced effect is treated as having not occurred. "
So you can choose the 1 straight drop "again" as it "never happened", then replace it "again".

Lots of combinations are possible. The only restrictive sequence is if you actually drop a 1 straight first, and do not replace it. Your only second option is then a 2 straight drop.

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