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Mind War - Can you use superpowers?

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In the Mind War crisis, when you take control of an opponent's character with a Mind Shard, can that controlled character use superpowers? Can my allied characters use reactive superpowers?
Some examples:
1. If I take control of an opponent's Corvus Glaive, can I use the active superpower Glaive's Edge?
2. If I take control of an opponent's Loki, can I use the reactive superpower I Am A God?
3. If I take control of an opponent's Baron Zemo, can I use the innate superpower Strategic Genius?
4. Can I use my Thanos's reactive superpower Death's Decree to enhance the attack of a controlled character?
5. Can I use Rocket Raccoon's reactive superpower Booby Traps if I move a controlled character within range 3 of Rocket?

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When you control a character they are an allied character to you - they are treated like the characters you deployed at the start of the game. The details of this can be found on page 3 of the Core Rules. 

1. Yes

2. Yes

3. Yes

4. Yes

5. No, you can only use that on enemy characters. Characters you control are allied characters.

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Will’s answer above is generally correct, however, in the case of Mind War, the characters are controlled during the Cleanup Phase.

Some of the superpowers above are limited to being used during a turn which only happens during the Activation Phase so they won’t be able to be used in this situation. 

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