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Torani shenanigans

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Torani is carrying R5TK, cluster missiles and munitions failsafe. He fires cluster missiles at an enemy ship, then engages his pilot ability. Can he shoot his bonus cluster attack at a friendly ship (R5TK) then cancel dice results (munitions failsafe) and engage his pilot ability again? Or does that violate the “once per round rule”? Thanks 

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Many abilities are restricted to occur “once per opportunity” (there is no overarching "once per round" rule), which means they can be resolved only one time during the specified timing window.

Torani Kulda's (M12-L Kimogila Fighter) pilot ability triggers "After you perform an attack".

As the bonus attack provided by Cluster Missiles is a separate attack, this would be considered a new opportunity for Torani's ability to trigger. 


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