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Failing jam or coordinate actions by choosing no target

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Can a player voluntarily fail a jam or coordinate action by choosing no target for the action, even if some targets are available?

Relevant rules bits:


Jam rules:

How to jam

  1. Measure range from the jamming ship to any enemy ships
  2. Choose an enemy ship at range 1, or at range 1–2 in the jamming ship's [bullseye arc].
  3. The chosen ship gains one jam token.

Additional bits:

  • While a ship attempts to jam, it fails if no ship is chosen.

FAQ about choosing ships

Q: How are abilities that "may choose a ship" (e.g. K-2SO or Darth Vader) resolved when they are reached in the ability queue?

A: When an ability that "may choose a ship" is reached in the ability queue, before paying costs, the ship's player may measure range to any number of ships. Then, that player may choose a ship from among the valid options as defined by the ability, or choose no ship. If they choose no ship, the costs for the ability are not paid, and the ability is removed from the queue without resolving.

Relevant use cases and related questions:

My ship with jam has Composure, I attemps a jam action and after measuring, I have a target in range 1 but I didn't reach the original target I wanted to jam, can I choose to fail the jam so I get Composure focus action?

My ship with jam is a TIE/whisper with Enhanced Jamming Suite and Composure. I perform a boost and attempts to link to jam. I can always choose myself, but can I choose no target, fail the jam and do a Composure focus action?

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