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Col Vessery ability

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"While you perform an attack against a locked ship, after you roll attack dice, you may acquire a lock on the defender." Think i have asked this before but nothing shows up on search!!  Anyway in the tie defender elite config. I target lock, then attack with a secondary canon. I roll attack dice then acquire a TL that I can then use on the Primary attack. is that correct? Also does snap shot trigger his ability? Thanks..

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Hi, thanks for your question. I just wanted to make sure I understood the order of events as you describe them.

  • During his perform action step, Colonel Vessery performs a lock action, locking the defender
  • During the engagement phase, Colonel Vessery performs a cannon attack against the locked defender and does not spend the lock
    • As the defender was locked, Colonel Vessery may now acquire a lock on the defender. 
    • As Colonel Vessery already has a lock on the defender and he has no means on maintaining two locks, he may now acquire a new lock on the defender, breaking the original lock.
  • Advanced Fire Control reads: After you perform a cannon or missile attack, if you have a lock on the defender, you may perform a bonus primary attack against the defender.
    • As the defender is locked, Colonel Vessery may perform a bonus primary attack.


In short:
Colonel Vessery's ability allows him to acquire a lock on a defender, so long as there is a friendly lock already on that ship at the time he rolls attack dice.

With regards to Snap Shot, Colonel Vessery is still attacking and the defender is still defending even though it's outside of the engagement phase. So long as the defender has a lock token assigned to it, Colonel Vessery's pilot ability would trigger. 

Does that answer your question?

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