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Hello! Just a quick question.

Crystal's Team Tactic Card, Elemental Infusion, states the following:


Until this character is Dazed or until the end of the round, when an enemy character that is within Range 3 of Crystal suffers damage from an allied effect, after the effect is resolved that character gains one of the following special conditions: Incinerate, Stun, or Slow.

Does Crystal's own effects fall under the "allied effect" caveat? In other instances where the character does not benefit from their card, it would (I believe) state "other allied effects". I have played thus far as Crystal being unable to benefit from this card herself, but hoping for confirmation.

Thank you in advance.

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4 hours ago, DaveyDave said:

would this effect and Elemental empowerment persist if Crystal is dazed ?

If by "this effect" you are referring to Elemental Infusion, then no, it will not persist while she is dazed. The tactics card has a clause in its rules that ends the effect if Crystal becomes dazed.

Elemental Empowerment is an innate superpower on Crystal and dazed characters don't have superpowers, so no, that will not be active if she is dazed

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