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Vibranium Heist security console interaction

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What I'm asking is can the attacker put three tokens on a console that doesn't have any on it, then roll three dice to see if they sound the alarm.


Does the attacker only get to put one token on the console per interaction. So first interaction they place one disruption token, roll one dice.  Next interaction they place another disruption token and roll two dice, until there are three on that one console.

It just reads funny and the defender gets to remove up to three for each wild, crit, or hit they roll to remove a disruption token.

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When interacting with a security console the attacker has to add disruption tokens until there are 3 on the console. Then they roll dice equal to how many they added. 

If there were 0 tokens to start, 3 get added and 3 dice are rolled. 

If 2 were there to start, attacker adds 1 and rolls one die. 

The defender always rolls 3 dice and removes one disruption for each success. 

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