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Ms. Marvel Morphogenetics

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So, my group was discussing the panel to play article for Ms. Marvel, and we noticed this qoute.

"Being as big as the Hulk is going to draw attention to her, so Ms. Marvel might not want to stay Embiggened through a whole crisis. Fortunately, she can choose to shift back to her normal size (and get a little bit extra out of it in the process) with her Morphogenetics innate power. With it, when she brings her oversized hand down on a target smaller than her she rerolls 2 dice in the attack roll, reverting back to normal in the process!"

We are divided into 2 camps.  One believes that no matter what, she will return to normal at the end or her activation.  The other camp believes she only returns to normal if she had chosen to attack that turn as the above quote seems to indicate is the intent. 

Could we get clarification on how resolve this rule?  


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