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Gaining cover while standing on top of a building #2

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I would like to extebd the question from this topic with two other situations:

So, from this topic if a model is on top of the building it's size or bigger and attacked by model more than range 2 away it gets cover (cause it's in range 1 of the building, at least one line is drawn from attacker to defender through terrain, and attacker is further than range 2 from defender).

But what happens if:

1. Model on top of the terrain attacks a model which is on the ground but within range 1 of the same terrain feature and further than range 2 from attacker (lets assume it's a long terrain feature)? Does the defender gets cover? (Cause it's in range 1 of terrain, at least one line passes through terrain, distance between models more than 2);

2. Two models stand on top of the terrain. They are within range 1 of the terrain, has line of sight to each other going through terrain (if we look top down), and are further than range 2 from each other. Do they have cover from each over?

Or are those two situations negated by clause that model on top of the terrain ignores it for LOS?

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Cover and line of sight are independent of each other. So long as the defending character meets the three criteria for gaining cover from terrain, it will have cover.

In your examples the defending character meets the criteria for gaining cover from terrain so they will have it for the attack. 

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15 minutes ago, borodont said:

So, if both characters stands on the top of the roof (like on photo), between them range longer then 2, and no other terrein features, whatever there are will be cover for both of them for attacking each other?


They are both able to draw a line between their two bases that crosses a terrain feature of appropriate size, are within range 1 of that terrain feature, and are not within range 2 of each other. 

The defending character will have cover from the attacker in this scenario. 

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