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Can't rotate a ship because of the nubs

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I have another question from the wiki: After a huge ship runs over a small ship, if it's placed flush against the side of the huge ship, can the other player not rotate it because the nubs get in the way?


Here's their full question:

My son and I just had a fun situation come up.  I moved a small ship (my own) to the rear arc as described in the rules; specifically I put it parallel and facing the same direction as my huge ship at range 0.  Per the rules what happens when my son tries to rotate it using the position marker from the core set as described?  Hint, it won't fit at 90* because of the nubs.  We elected that since it can't be rotated as described it was put back to its original position.

Here are the exact rules:

-After the huge ship completes its maneuver, each standard ship that was picked up is placed in the huge ship’s full rear arc [󲈨] at range 0–1. Starting with the first player, players take turns placing any of their standard ships that were picked up. Any standard ship that cannot be placed is destroyed. Aftera player places their ship, they must choose an opponent, who may rotate the ship 90° to the left or right using the position marker from the core set.-

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