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Odd number of squadrons in deployment

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Just to clarify the deployment step of Setup, what happens in the following scenario?

  • Player A has deployed all of their ships and has one remaining squadron to deploy
  • Player B has several more ships left to deploy
  • Player B just finished their turn deploying a ship, so the turn to deploy passes to Player A

Does Player A now deploy their single remaining squadron? Or do they deploy that squadron after Player B has finished deploying the last of their ships?

Another player interpreted it to mean Player A would wait until Player B had placed all their remaining ships and they would very lastly place their remaining squadron.


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"If a player only has one squadron remaining when they must place two, they cannot place it until they have placed all of their ships."

The other players interpretation is incorrect.

As the rule states, "placed all of their ships" only applies to the players fleet with only a single squadron remaining.

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