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Two players with 16 VP or more before end of round 6.

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According ot the rules : if neither player has won the game by the end of round 6, the player with the most VPs is the winner. If both players are tied at this point, the game continues until a player scores VPs and has more than their opponent.

Yesterday during our game by the end of round 5, the score was 18-16. Both players scored the last points during the round 5 cleanup phase.

What's the consequence of this situation :

Is it a draw ?

Is it a win for the player with 18 VP ?

Or should we play a round 6 ?

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The player with 18 VPs would win the game in that situation.

Your looking for what should be the paragraph above the one you are quoting, which reads "A player immediately wins when they score 16 or more VPs. If both players score 16 or more VPs simultaneously, the player with more VPs wins."

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