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Does Finn (gunner) trigger if no dice are rolled?

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Hi! Weird interaction came up. Does Finn (gunner? trigger if a player is not able to roll dice when they attack or defend?

Example: Rey is strained and defends. The enemy is in her front arc. It attacks, rolling 2 hits. 

Finn text: “While you defend or perform a primary attack, if the enemy ship is in your <FRONT AR >, you may add 1 blank result to your roll.”

Can Rey add the blank result? 

“To your roll” had us confused in our game. I see that all the conditions have been met to activate Finn, my opponent pointed out I had rolled no dice, so there was no roll to add a blank result to.

What language takes precedence here? 


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3a. Roll Defense Dice: The defending player determines a number of defense dice to roll. Starting with the defender’s agility value, modifiers that increase or decrease the number of defense dice (such as range bonus, whether the attack is being obstructed by an obstacle, and other effects) are applied. Next, if any minimum or maximum number of dice has been set, that limit is applied. There is always a minimum of 0 and a maximum of 6. Then they roll that many dice.


In this instance, you roll 0 dice, and subsequently modify the (non) results.

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