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Collector format squad-building

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In Collector format, when you are building your squad, are you required to use the leader you chose in step 1 of the draft? Or are you able to use another leader, assuming you drafted another character with a leadership ability during step 6?

If you are able to use another leader, a couple of follow-up questions regarding the text "Players may always choose to use the Affiliation of their leader, even if they do not have a majority of characters from that affiliation in their squad.":

1) Does this text apply to any leader you are using? So if Mystique was my step 1 leader and I drafted Black Panther during step 6, can I use the Wakanda affiliation even if I don't have a majority of Wakanda characters?

2) If the text only applies to the leader chosen during step 1, does it apply regardless of who your actual leader is? So if Mystique was again my step 1 leader, but I also drafted Magneto during step 6, can I use Magneto as my leader and use the Brotherhood affiliation even if I don't have a majority of Brotherhood characters?

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You are not required to use the Leader you draft in the first step - but the rule of always using the affiliation only applies to that leader.

1) No, you would need to have the majority of Wakanda characters.

2) Correct - you can always choose the Brotherhood of Mutants affiliation even if Mystique is not your leader.


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