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Opportunity to declare Thermal Shields

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If an attacking player rolls his attack pool without giving the defending player the opportunity to resolve thermal shields should this be considered a missed opportunity or should the attack be cancelled and the attack pool be rolled after the defender makes his decision. 


As this is an atypical timing for the defender locally as the TO I have been holding the attacking player responsible to provide the window for the defender to resolve thermal shields. 


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Per the policy of this forum this isn't a rules interaction question, however I can see that some helpful direction can be given on this subject.

Players are expected to behave in a mature and considerate manner and to play within the rules and not abuse them.
Players are expected to act with respect and not intentionally distract or rush an opponent with the intent of forcing a missed opportunity. 
If a player forgets to use an effect during the timing specified by that effect, he or she cannot retroactively use it without the consent of his or her opponent.

The timing window on Thermal Shields is an easy one to forget for both players, while an attacker doesn't have to directly ask "are you going to use Thermal Shields?", an opportunity needs to be given to the defender to be able to declare its use. The attacker should not be declaring a target and then immediately rushing to grab dice and roll them before the defender can respond.

This can be easily accomplished by the attacker formally declaring that you are "Gathering your dice", which is the 2nd step of an attack. The amount of time the attacker allows the defender to respond can't be pinned down to any set time period, but a few seconds is more than sufficient for the defender to at least convey if they wish to use the Thermal Shields effect before an attacker rolls the gathered die.

Once the gathered die have been rolled, it is now a missed opportunity for the defender.

If playing at a tournament and any player feels like there could be an issue, be sure to inform the Tournament Organizer of the concern so that they can address it. 

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