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Which is correct?

Using the Raimu´s photo:

Negoldar on nov 24 said: "Yes! The only requirement for the end of the movement is that the moving character touch the movement tool. You may touch one prong at the end of the move."

But the FAQ says:"

The end of a movement tool is the curved portion of the tool. When the end is placed in contact with a character, the characters base must touch both points on the tool.

Thank you.

Captura de Pantalla 2020-12-28 a la(s) 12.43.59.png

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Both are correct.

My previous comment is for ending movement. From the rulebook (page 16):


Once the movement tool is in the desired postion, the player puts the character's base in contact with any portion of the movement tool.

That allows you to touch only one prong at the end of the tool.

The FAQ is referring to placing the tool in contact with a character--at the start of an advance, push, or throw. That is when a character must touch both points.

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