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Hi, I'm a south Korean and I can't write English well, so please understand that.


I understand other rules but LOS part is so hard understand one thing is Determining LOS Between attacker and defender, Adding a terrain size is only for attacker? or both of them?

Here is example.

1. Spiderman(size2) is on the top of a building(It has 4 floors, so my friend and me consider to size 5 terrain).

2.Red skull(size2) stand on the ground and within 2 distance from the building.

3.Follow the main rule, Spiderman has a LOS when he determine to attack Red skull. Coz he is now size7 and there has nothing to larger than size7.

However, When Red skull try to attack the Spiderman, I think it is possible. Because there has no obstruction which has more larger than size7.

But my friend didn't agree that. 

When He red the part of LOS rule, adding a terrain size for the character is ONLY for attacker, not for defender.

So Red skull try to attack Spiderman, he can't do that because the building(size5) blocks between Red skull and Spider man's LOS.

I'm a bit understand his opinion, when red skull attacked to spiderman which on the top of the building, it looks like a he tried to punching the building.

I still confused about that, so whose opinion is correct?


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You are correct but there is a flaw in your reasoning.

When attempting to draw line of sight from Spider-Man to Red Skull, Spider-Man’s size is irrelevant. All that matters is Red Skull’s size and the size of any terrain features between Spider-Man and Red Skull (ignore the terrain feature Spider-Man is on when checking this). 

If there is a piece of terrain of size 3 or larger between the two characters, Spider-Man cannot draw line of sight to Red Skull. 

When you reverse it, there is a size 5 terrain feature between Spider-Man and Red Skull, but Spider-Man is on it so he is size 7 instead which means Red Skull has line of sight to him. There needs to be a size 8 terrain feature between Red Skull and Spider-Man to block LOS. 

Distance between two characters ignores height differences. It is all measured horizontally. If Red Skull is within range 2, he could strike Spider-Man on top of the building. 

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