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When attacking a ship at range 0, but the attack range is 1, dice can be modified ?

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Here is some rules in the last RR :

1 A primary weapon requires the attack range to be range 0–3. A primary weapon has no cost by default.

2 While performing a primary attack at attack range 0, attack dice cannot be added, unless stated otherwise.

3 While performing a primary attack at attack range 0,the attacker's dice can be modified only by spending force for their default effect

4 While defending at range 0, enemy ships cannot reduce the number of defense dice you roll, cancel your results, or modify your results.

5 During an attack, the attack Range is determined by measuring range from the closest point of the attacker to the closest point of the defender that is in the attack arc.

And this example : <image removed>

If we follow the new rules, the Eta ship perform an attack at attack range 1 (cf. n°5 above), and so, CAN modify his attack dice, even if the enemy ship is at range 0.

But during this attack, even if he can modify his red dice, the Eta can't modify the enemy green dice because of n°4 above.

Is that correct ?

Thank you.



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