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Spending focus, or stress as focus

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I am curious about the ruling in this question. In this it states a player can spend a focus, even if they do not have any focus results in their roll. Does this apply to B-Wing pilot Ten Numb? In 1.0 I believe he was able to spend a stress regardless of him rolling any focus results, but I believe that had been changed later on to that he could not spend if there was no result to change.


I see the ruling in the question I linked to lean towards him being able to spend a stress no matter if he rolls any. Can you please clarify?

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No. Ten Numb's (B-Wing), pilot ability only allows you to spend 1 stress token to change all of your focus results to evade or hit results. His ability does not include blank results.

In the question you linked to, an example is provided using the Tie/FO pilot Static who's pilot ability specifically allows you to spend both a lock and a focus token to change all of your results to critical results. 

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