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B-Wing Stabilized S-Foils (open) shooting multiple enemies

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Can a B-Wing equipped with Stabilized S-Foils (open) and a cannon shoot one enemy ship (A) and then spend a lock it has on a different enemy ship (B) to perform the bonus cannon attack against that second enemy (B)?

Stabilized S-Foils (open) reads: "After you perform an attack, you may spend your lock on the defender to perform a bonus (cannon) attack against that ship using a (cannon) upgrade you have not attacked with this turn.
Before you activate, if you are not critically damaged, you may flip this card."

Example that occurred in my game: Braylen Stramm equipped with Stabilized S-Foils (open side) and Synced Laser Cannons has a lock on Manaroo. Braylen takes a primary attack at Bossk. Braylen then spends his lock on Manaroo to perform a bonus Synced Laser Cannons attack against Manaroo.


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