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4 hours ago, TeaKay_421 said:

I'm new to game and learning key words. I've gathered her ability does not work on some extraction and secure objective? Is there a list? or what key words do I look for to know it does / doesn't work?  


Once per turn, after interacting with an objective token, a character under the Freedom Force leadership will gain one power.

The second part of her leadership, with the token, does not affect objectives that use the control mechanic as securing an objective does not mean a player controls it.

Does this help?

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29 minutes ago, TeaKay_421 said:

Okay, so, for example, the objective that requires rolling your energy defense in order to control the token; that objective her leadership doesn't work on because you have to use a control mechanic? 

Correct. Securing that token won’t give you control of it. 

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