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Does Ronan's The Accuser reactive superpower work with Circle Of The Cosmsos, one of the sides to the Convocation leadership card The Bar With No Doors? Had some discussion on the Discord and looking for a more official answer here as I expect i'll get push back on how these interact together. 



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The errata'd version of "The Accuser" (available in the FAQ) is triggered and used when a character would be dazed or KO'd and prevents the Daze or KO from occurring at that point. The rest of it is then resolved later during the "after the effect is resolved" timing.

The Circle of the Cosmos is triggered when a model is damaged and is resolved during the "after the effect is resolved" timing.

When both rules are applicable to Ronan, since they resolve in the same timing window, you may resolve them in whatever order you wish. This means that yes, you could resolve Circle of the Cosmos prior to resolving The Accuser, allowing you to place Ronan within range 1 prior to the advance & attack granted by The Accuser.

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