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Drawing Damage Cards

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If a ship suffers damage such that it draws enough damage cards to be destroyed, do you continue drawing damage cards up to the amount of damage it suffered or stop drawing when it has enough damage cards to be destroyed? 

If Rieekan’s effect has been used on a ship, does this effect the answer above?

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Usually, questions that are not rules interaction issues are deleted as to not clutter the forum. But this question has come up a few times so I'll allow this answer this to remain.

Once a ship has received damage cards equal to its hull, it is immediately destroyed and removed from the game. You would not deal more damage cards to the ship unless due to some other effect.
In the case of Rieekan's ability, the ship is still in play and thus, can still suffer damage and damage cards until it is removed from play.

Important things to remember from the "Damage" and "Destroyed Ships and Squadrons" topics in the Rules Reference Guide.
"Damage cards are dealt one at a time."
"When a ship has damage cards equal to its hull value, it is immediately destroyed."
"A ship is destroyed when it has damage cards equaling or exceeding its hull value."
"When a ship is destroyed, remove it from the play area and place it next to the matching ship card."

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