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Baze Malbus crew card usage after enemy ship overlap in Activation phase.

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I want to ensure I am referencing this right, given that the Cracken errata takes place in the Engagement Phase and overlapping takes place in Activation. 

1) Ship activates and overlaps enemy ship.

2) Ship overlap rule; "If the overlapped ship was an enemy ship, if it is not stressed, it may immediately perform a Focus or Calculate action from its action bar, treating the action as red. If resolving this single sentence rule without interrupt, ship resolves "Immediately" verbiage and receives a stress token.

3) Baze Malbus card is not a replacement effect as it does not use the words “would” and “instead.” Therefore, it enters no action queue ahead of overlap effect being resolved.

4) Ship completes the Immediately granted focus from overlap and receives a stress token. This is where the timing of Baze's ability comes into question. 

5) Baze first sentence states "While you perform a action, you may treat it as red." Per the Card Interpretation rules; Use of “May,” “Can,” and “Must” The word “may” is used to mean “has the option to.” 

So when does Baze's ability become relevant in the Activation phase as it relates to the rules for Overlapping? How does he have the option to treat the red focus as red if it is already red?



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Yes, Baze Malbus (Crew) will trigger while resolving the red focus action granted by overlapping only enemy ships. Baze's ability can trigger on any focus action as long as it is being treated as red (this includes if it was a red focus action initially).

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