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Grappling struts and ionized

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In case a ship is  with grappling struts open on an asteroid and it is ionized as a result of an attack, how does the next turn resolve?

You may pick any maneuver from the dial?

When the ship activates if the ship selected whatever but not a 2 straight, you skip execute maneuver so you skip doing ion maneuver. Then you turn or stay depending on what was selected. Then being a robot cannot do focus action, so its ionized, cannot do calculates...

If the selected maneuver is a 2 stright, then it has to resolver the ionized maneuver, a 1 blue straight. In that case, what happens if the ship still overlapping the asteroid, what happens? can flip grappling card twice to avoid suffer asteroid consecuences?

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Under the Ion rules there is a clarification point that states "Ships cannot use abilities that trigger from an ionized ship revealing its dial".

The component of the "Open: Grappling Struts" ability that causes the execute maneuver to be skipped depending on the move is triggered by an "After you reveal your dial" clause. As a result this ability cannot be used by the Ionized ship and the Ionized ship would execute the Ion Maneuver during step two potentially landing off the rock. It would then follow on with the rest of the steps for activating while ionized.

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